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Jade Absinthe Range

The delicate process of fine absinthe distillation demands considerable knowledge, expertise, and attention to detail. For various reasons that are not obvious to the casual enthusiast, a historically accurate absinthe cannot be realistically recreated from a paragraph or two of ‘recipes’ or other generic information lifted from literature, the Internet, or otherwise. The absinthes offered by Jade Liqueurs are uniquely derived from actual full, sealed bottles of the finest original absinthes, and represent the results of a decade of careful analyses.
Jade Liqueurs’ absinthes are crafted entirely by hand, and enjoy the unique privilege of being distilled in original 1,150L copper bain marie alembics that were acquired directly from perhaps the most famous original absinthe distillery in Pontarlier, France approximately one hundred years ago. These beautiful antique absinthe stills are quite a prize, having been purpose built entirely by hand circa 1870s, and feature full hydro-rectification to ensure an incomparably smooth product. These fabulous icons of the absinthe era have been returned to their full glory, producing the finest absinthes today just as they did over a century ago.

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In the spirit of the finest originals, Jade Liqueurs’ absinthes are never adulterated with sugar, commercial flavorings, non-traditional herbs, or chemical dyes. The authentic, natural tint of the Jade absinthes is derived solely from a traditional, delicate herbal process that is conducted entirely by hand using only original equipment. This expensive step is the only way to obtain the correct tint and final flavoring, and perfecting this antique process on the required scale is no small feat.

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