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La Maison Fontaine

We’ve worked with Absinthe for some time now and there’s no other category quite like it.  Never before have we come across a category more misunderstood by the majority of the Drinks Industry and yet has a number of avid, geeky followers.  It’s a personal mission of ours and the Absinthe Brand Owners we work with to educate and re-educate the Drinks Industry and the general public at large as to the true nature of Absinthe and it’s history.

We are very pleased to have several complimentary Absinthe brands in the Sip Or Mix Portfolio. La Maison Fontaine® is an ultra premium artisan Absinthe handcrafted amongst the beautiful Jura Mountains in Pontarlier France a place renowned for its Absinthe history.

La Maison Fontaine finest French Absinthe Blanche 

La Maison Fontaine® Blanche was awarded a GOLD MEDAL and was BEST IN CLASS 2010 at the IWSC. In the words of the Judges: “Outstanding example; Setting the standard….delightful and invigorating”. The Blanche has also won, on several years running, the prestigious Golden Spoon Award of The Absinthiades – a dedicated Absinthe Festival held in Pontarlier, France.

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In 2013 La Maison Fontaine® launched a Verte version of their Blanche and also an Absinthe Liqueur called ‘Chocolat’.  The Verte is the same  base as the Blanche with a secondary maceration of whole herbs.  The Chocolat is a single distillation  of Grand Wormwood (no anise or fennel) blended with a creme de cacao. Both these additions to the La Maison Fontaine stables have proven to be very popular with the drinks industry and the general public at large. If you would like to try any of these delicious products please get in touch. You can also check the La Maison Fontaine website for some great cocktail recipes.

Whether savoured with iced water slowly dripped from an Absinthe fountain, or mixed in one of our unique cocktails to enjoy with friends, we think you will discover one of the Finest French Absinthes ever created.

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