SW4 London Dry Gin

SW4 London Dry Gin

SW4, for people who love to drink Gin and Tonic

“SW4 London Distilled Gin, is a big and complex gin made in the style of the original London Dry Gins of the mid to late 19th Century.  It has 12 botanicals in its recipe, with Juniper being heavily predominant, but then behind it come the citrus and spice notes, from botanicals such as lemon peel and cassia, which give it the fullness and complexity.  The whole is then brought together by the Orris Powder.”

“Distilled gins of this style pre-date the Cocktail era of the early 20th Century, which tended to give rise to the somewhat austere and less complex gins of that time.  The older style gins being made to show at their best when mixed with water, ginger beer and most especially tonic, that eponymous drink of the British Empire.  SW4 has taken this heritage and using up to date small batch distillation techniques brings you the 21st century version of the classic original gin style.”

Charles Maxwell, Master Distiller- November 2009


Production details of SW4 London Dry Gin – proudly made in Clapham:


SW4 Gin

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